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Antiparos! The small island of the Cyclades that can and does combine all aspects of a Greek summer. Fun, clean beaches and delicious food in the cobbled alleys of the island. It can meet the needs of every traveller, whether they want accommodation in a camping or somewhere more comfortable and luxurious. It is located amongst cosmopolitan islands, such as Paros and Naxos, but it knows how to stand out with its attractive aura and genuine Cycladic uniqueness and beauty. Below in our travel guide you will find all the information you need before your first trip to the island.

General Information

  • It belongs to the Cyclades conglomeration.
  • The ancient name of the island was “Oliaros” which means wooded mountain.
  • The population of the island is about 1200 inhabitants based on the latest census
  • The island of Antiparos is situated 1 mile southwest of Paros

How to Go

Access to the island of Antiparos is possible by arriving at the port of Parikia, the capital of Paros. This is possible, either by boat, in 3-4 hours by ferry from the port of Piraeus, or by plane arriving at the airport of Paros which is about 10 km from the capital of the island. In Parikia there are itineraries for boats for Antiparos which carry only passengers, at a cost of 5 € and operate only during the summer season. The trip takes about half an hour. From Parikia one can take a bus service to Pounta, where passengers and ferries can be transported in less than 10 minutes to Antiparos.

Information on itineraries and prices can be found here.


Transportation to the settlements of the island is done by public transport buses (KTEL), the starting point of which is in front of the square of Agia Marina. Respectively, transportation in the center of the island can be done either by bicycle and motorbike, or on foot. The distances are short and most shops in the center of the square are close by.

Best beaches in Antiparos

Some beaches in Antiparos are centrally located and can be easily reached on foot from the island town. Some are more difficult to reach and you will need a car or have to go by bus. Finally there is the possibility of visiting more remote beaches on neighboring islands with a private boat that you can rent on the island. The beaches that we suggest based on experience are the following:


These are 2 beaches: Fanari 1 and Fanari 2. They are both organized, but the second is more popular. It has a beach bar, beach volleyball court and water sports. The beach bar also has a restaurant to eat at reasonable prices. A nice beach and the closest if you’re staying in the center of the island.

fanari beach in antiparos
The Camping Beach

A sandy beach located next to the camping of the island and at a distance of only 100 meters from the town of the island. No entrance fee is required for your access to the beach which is not organized. There is only one canteen for the necessary snacks and refreshments. Nudism is officially allowed in a part of the beach. This beach, as expected, is full of young people.

Beach House

A shop right on the beach. A small and organized beach with clear waters. There is a large crowd on this beach and if you want to find free sunbeds it is good to visit it relatively early. It is also possible to book sunbeds. There is also the homonymous beach bar and restaurant which are relatively expensive.

Soros Beach

It is the largest beach on the island. Sandy and organized with sunbeds. Not recommended for families with young children, as in many places the waters become really deep. There are also 2 taverns nearby. Just before you approach Megalos Soros, you will see a smaller, pebbled beach called Mikros Soros. This beach is not organized, there is no beach bar, but it has crystal clear waters and is preferred by those who want peace and relaxation.

Soros beach in Antiparos
Agios Georgios

A small beach with fine sand near the homonymous chapel. It is located near the village of Agios Georgios and has an incredible view of the island of Despotiko. The beach is not organized, and many people visit the beach just to eat fish in a small tavern overlooking the sea.

Panagia beach

You definitely need a car to reach this beach and the road is relatively rough. To find the beach you have to ask someone who knows how to direct you. The place there is a little paradise. It is considered one of the most picturesque beaches of Antiparos. Blue waters, fine golden sand and large trees that offer shade. An ideal beach for those seeking tranquility and their own ¨private¨ space.

Agios Sostis

The beach is located just before Soros Beach and the road is relatively inaccessible since it is a dirt road. It has blue and clear waters, but the beach is not organized.

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What to Do in Antiparos

Antiparos Cave

The cave in Antiparos, is one of the trademarks of the island. The cave has been known since antiquity and historically inside it there have been findings from as far back as the stone age. The cave consists of the entrance vestibule which is divided into 3 sections and 3 other rooms inside the cave. The cave reaches 85 meters depth and there you will find the oldest stalactite in all of Europe, which is estimated to be 45 million years old.

The ticket costs 6 € and includes the entrance to the Folklore Museum of the island. For children the prices are reduced.

The cave is located to the left of where the boat from Punta leaves you. You can reach it by car as it has a large parking lot, or by the public bus that makes regular trips to the cave. The more adventurous can venture on foot.


The castle in Antiparos is located in the central part of the island center. The construction of the castle dates back to the 15th century and is the most interesting medieval construction in the Aegean. From the central tower of the castle only the base survives now. There is nothing special to see during your visit there nor do you need to pay for a ticket. Basically you will just see a settlement.

The castle in Antiparos

For those who are interested, Antiparos has been a famous camping spot for years and the beach right next to it is very well known. Every summer this place is flooded with young people who want to experience something different, but also with older people who prefer this way of living. In fact, a part of the beach is famous for its free nudism.

Water sports

On the island you can find diving centers if you have a diving certificate or if you want to learn how to explore the underwater world. Also on several organized beaches of the island you can try various water sports that are available, whether it is kite surfing or something more relaxed such as renting a pedal boat.

Excursion to Paros

As mentioned above, Antiparos is a stone’s throw from cosmopolitan Paros. So many seek to combine these two islands together. Those who live in Antiparos go to Paros either for a day trip, or for more days, and the reverse is true for those who have chosen Paros for their stay.

Food and Beverage

In general, Antiparos offers several options for food, but also for drinks, and is famous for its fresh fish. What we suggest from our own trip to the island are the following:

If you go for a swim on the beach of Soros, we suggest you eat at “PERAMATAKI”. Ask about the dishes of the day and the pie of the day. It has awesome onion pie and mushroom pie.

If you go to Agios Georgios we recommend eating at “PIPINO”, a fish tavern by the sea. It has fresh fish straight out of the “kaikia”. Ask what the day’s catch is and just buy it by the kilo without a second thought.

Elia Kafenes

This is the first cafe you will see on the right as soon as you enter the square. It is one of the best shops for having brunch and has delicious burgers and pancakes. They serve both lunch and dinner. Mediterranean cuisine and a large selection of healthy fresh juices.


Our hangout during our stay on the island. Awesome omelets and breakfast, mostly Italian. One of the most beautiful shops in Antiparos to eat in the evening. Very nice spaghetti and risotto. Their speciality is stuffed candy.

Lollo’s Antiparos

The best pizza on the island. Italians own this place and it is worth trying their pizza, whether you are a fan or not. The store is almost always flooded with people, so it would be good to make a reservation so as not to wait.

Sapou Restaurant

It is located in the port of the island and is a gourmet restaurant. Delicious Greek recipes. Very friendly environment, excellent and fast service. It is considered one of the best of its kind on the island.

The Family Souvlaki

The most famous souvlaki in Antiparos. Small, not cheap, but delicious. You can’t help but try it.


It is located on the homonymous beach of the island. Either to eat, or for coffee and drinks. A wonderful shop built on the rock for those who are romantic or would like to be. The best place to see the sunset on the island.

Antiparos is not famous for its intense nightlife. However, we have the following options to suggest:

Boogaloo: This bar is located next to the main square of the island. Many claim that it has the best cocktails you can find in Antiparos. The owner plays deep house.

Lime: This shop has cheap cocktails. It plays both Greek and foreign music.

Rescue: The only place that plays soley Greek music. It is small but it is the only one available.

All the above shops close at around 3.30am. There are two options left for night entertainment.

La Luna: Some characterise it as the legend, not only of the island, but of the whole Aegean. The music played is from the 80’s and 90’s.

Milos: It plays Greek and foreign mainstream, but mainly Greek music. Drink and dance into the morning hours.

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