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Following our travels abroad in 23 countries, as well as various excursions around Greece, we are in a position to recommend various places, to suggest various solutions and to give quite a lot of advice. After staying at many accommodations we write about our personal experiences at each hotel room or other lodgings and its respective services. In our blogging we also include a hyperlink from which our readers can book a room directly. The hyperlink may include the hotel’s website (if any) and used also as a backlink.

We also create and send you content from our stay to your hotel or apartment. Our equipment is modern and professional. It includes a drone, stabilizer, professional camera as well as action camera for more extreme or underwater shots.

You  might also find positive reviews on other platforms except blogging. Characteristic examples are Google Maps (Local Guide 6th level) or Tripadvisor. All of the above obviously cannot be cited without the appropriate personal experience to arrive at the corresponding conclusions. Requests for positive evaluations and reviews without similar experiences will, unfortunately, not be accepted and we will not be able to proceed with any collaboration. The completion time of the above procedures varies, depending on how each partner wishes to work with us.

You may also follow our vlogging in social media with contents created during each stay. Photos and videos you can watch here. For further information and future collaborations  you may contact us any time here.

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