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Through our website it is possible the organization of your activities with the respective collaborating companies. The booking of the activity is offered exclusively and you can go to the respective place yourself. Alternatively, depending on the area, there is the possibility of organizing and transferring you to the respective space ourselves. Below you will find an analytical description of all the activities we can offer you. You are also given the opportunity to express interest in the activity of your choice by filling out the form that you will find at the bottom of the article with your details and message.



ParaTrike and Paramotor

Or else a motorized eagle. Enjoy the view from above, while at the same time remaining completely safe. An activity suitable for adults and children alike. Find useful information for this activity here.

Area: Castle of Viotia, Anavyssos, Meteora, Ioannina, Corinth, Poros, Konitsa

Organization of activities like trike

Skydiving is the extreme sport that is a dream for many, but few dare to try. It is the ultimate adrenaline experience combined with the ultimate sense of freedom. Mixed and intense emotions that you will hardly feel in another activity. You can read more details for skydiving here.

Area: Pachi/ Megara Athens

tandem free fall jump

Experience the paragliding flight. An eagle’s view of the green landscape of the wider area unfolds before your eyes, while at the same time enjoying your two-seater flight. The organization of activities like this one depends from the weather conditions and how strong the wind is.

Area: Zagorochoria, Ioannina

Flying fox

Aerial crossing over a river or crossing a route in a forest. An intense activity for those who want a little more adrenaline.

Area: Zagorochoria



Hiking and exploring through forested trails. There are several routes, each with its own degree of difficulty.

Area: Zagorochoria (Vikos gorge, Drakolimni and more) and in the wider area of ​​Acheron.

Organization of activities like mountain trekking

One of the favourite sports of both young and old. Your interest will remain undiminished until the end of the game. It is a team sport and like all similar sports, it requires two or more teams usually up to 16 people. The goal of the teams is to achieve a specific goal or to reach a specific result. At the same time, the effort is made to take as many opponents out of the game as possible. This is done by shooting them with the gun, which throws special balls that contain paint, but are completely harmless. The cost of participation is proportional to how many balls we will throw.

Area: Zagorochoria

paintball activity

Try the exciting sport of archery both in the natural environment (forest or river) and in a specific field. Set your own goals and see if you can achieve them.

Area: Zagorochoria

archery activity

Try cycling along rivers or in the forests. Enjoy unique images and experiences, as well as building up some leg muscle.

Area: Acheron river
Horseback riding

Enjoy moments of calm and carefree company with these beautiful animals, in the natural landscapes. Nothing compares to riding and galloping freely on horseback through the mountains. Of course, if you are not an avid, experienced rider you will ride calm, trained horses with all the necessary safety equipment. After all, horses are animals and have a will of their own as well as being quite unpredictable.

Area: Acheron river

Horse riding by the rivers


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a unique experience, as we get the opportunity to explore a unique world; that of the seabed. The contact with the liquid element and the exploration of the marine world for a pretty long time, are two of the basic elements that make diving an adventurous and at the same time relaxing activity. Find useful information for this activity here.

Area: Lagonisi and Anavyssos in East Attica

Water Activities - Worth Every Mile

It is a recreational outdoor activity, which requires inflatable rafts to navigate in aquatic environments such as rivers. For navigation or descent, teamwork and cooperation are essential. The current of the river is what determines the course, while the guide and the oars are used to avoid obstacles and for any emergency.

The number of passengers is determined by the size of the boat, but usually the boats accommodate 2-8 people and the guide. The equipment for the rafting activity consists of a one-piece isothermal suit, windproof, life jacket, helmet and socks, neoprene shoes and gloves, for the occasions that they are needed.

Area: River Voidomatis in Zagorochoria, in the springs of Acheron in the area of ​​Glyki and at Lusios river in Karitaina.

Canoe – Kayak

The canoe has only one oar and the rowing is done while we are on our knees. The kayak has a larger double paddle that covers both sides and the participant paddles while sitting inside. The kayaks are also smaller in size than the canoes, with a pointed stern and bow and usually with an opening. There sits the rower who uses a double one-piece paddle, with his/her legs outstretched and placed in front. An ideal way of discovering places of unique beauty that you could not otherwise approach. The organization of above activities depends from the weather and the river conditions.

Areas: River Voidomatis in Zagorochoria and in the springs of Acheron in the area of ​​Glyki.

canoe and kayak
Hot dog monoraft

These are single-seater or two-seater inflatable boats, respectively, with the boats used in the rafting activity. The water that enters these boats, during the activity, empties in the same way as in the rafting boats. They do not have a keel so that they can turn easily and have at least three separate floats, so that if one of them is torn and deflates, they can safely continue the descent with the remaining two. In monoraft and hotdog, respectively, the professional river guide accompanies the boats on the predetermined route.

Area: Voidomatis river in Zagorochoria.

organization of activities like canoe kayak

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