snowboarding at Bansko Ski Center


In this section we will analyze all the activities that we have tried and are related to the ground (ground activities). Some are simple and relaxing. Others a little bit more extreme with a higher dose of adrenaline.

In ground activities obviously due to ease of access we have more options and more economical respectively in comparison with water and air activities. The duration of each activity is related to it’s type. For example, horse riding can take 40 minutes, while climbing Mount Olympus can take hours or 2 days if you stay there. In most ground activities there is no specific difficulty and they are accessible to everyone. But there are also more demanding ones like canyoning, or climbing a difficult mountain that require the attention and accompaniment of an instructor as well as good physical condition in order to accomplish the activity.

In the case of ascents and descents, the view will definitely reward you and you will love the nature. For the most relaxing activities, just enjoy your walk and time there. Activities that end quickly in a few seconds like sky diving do not exist here. Also there are some ground activities associated with high speed, such as riding a race car.

We have personally experienced various mountain climbs including Mount Olympus and Taygetos. We have also tried other more easy hiking trails and gorge descents. Also we have tried even simpler things such as paintball and cycling.

In our articles in our section you will find all the detailed information you need before attempting to try any of the above for first time.
In the future we look forward to attempt a climb to a large mountain abroad.

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