Water Activities - Worth Every Mile


In this section we will analyze all the activities that we have tried and are related to water. Some are simple and relaxing and others a little bit more extreme with a higher dose of adrenaline.

The common feature of these activities is the enjoyment and the contact with the element of water. You feel free. All activities are a way to escape from the daily routine.

There are activities that are very quick and some other that have a longer duration. The fastest ones are usually those related to equipment or vehicle rental. For example water sports on a beach or renting a jet ski. Obviously the time can be extended, but with an extra cost. Other activities such as scuba diving can last up to about 45 minutes per dive. Something that is more enjoyable and there is time and comfort for photos and watching the underwater world. Other more intense activities are the rappel in a waterfall or the descent of gorges full of water.

We have personally tried: canyoning in water gorges, scuba diving, renting various water sports, rafting and canoe kayaking. In our articles in our section you will find all the detailed information you need before attempting to try any of the above.

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