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Egypt Travel Guide - Ταξιδιωτικός οδηγός για την Αίγυπτο


Egypt or otherwise the Arab Republic of Egypt. Located in North Africa. Just few hours from Greece. The land of the Pharaohs and the Nile. A country that is distinguished for its rich history, culture and civilization.

The historical background of the country and the achievements of its ancient civilization, are very important. In Egypt and specifically in Giza, you will find the pyramid of Cheops. It is the oldest of the 7 wonders of the world and the only one that remains alive until present days. The way the pyramid was built is still a mystery for scientists until today.

Egypt of cource is not only the pyramids. There are too many thing to do. You will be enchanted by its sun, its golden and endless desert, its big bazaars and the beauty of the Nile. In Luxor you will find the largest open-air museum in the world, while in Sharm El Sheikh you will relax in a tourist summer resort. For fans of extreme sports there is the possibility doing scuba diving in the Red Sea. Egypt has a plethora of options that can satisfy even the most demanding traveler. Finally, do not miss the local traditional food.

We visited Egypt back at Christmas of 2018. We visited Cairo, Alexandria and the Giza region with the pyramids. We learned about their culture, the medical achievements of their history like mummyfication and visited the Egyptian Museum where we saw mummies and the Tutankhamun sarcophagus.

For all the things we mention above you will find all the necessary information in our articles. What to do, what to see, what to avoid, what essential documents you need and much more.

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