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skyscapers in usa - ουρανοξύστες στις ηπα


USA or otherwise United States of America. It is the third largest country in America and consists of 48 states whose separation varies accordingly. Some divide them according to their location, others according to their size and others according to their political divisions.

Travel options in the US, as you can see from the size of the country, are a lot. Someone can visit cosmopolitan areas such as Manhattan, New York, or test their endurance on a long roadtrip on the famous Route 66. You can visit Las Vegas and try your luck or relax on a beach in Hawaii.

Also the are a lot of outdoor activities that you can try. There is the possibility of falling into a cage in the ocean with sharks or taking a helicopter ride over the skyscrapers in New York. Even if you want something more relaxing, there are many hiking trails or simple walks in the Grand Canyon or Yosemite Park.

We have personally visited Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. We visited Central Park, we enjoyed the rooftops of skyscrapers and drunk cocktails. We even ran up the stairs that Balboa climbed in the movie with the same name. We had a great time there and we hope to visit again USA soon in the near future.

n our travel guides and articles you will find all the useful information you need before your first visit to the country. Where to go, what to see, what documents you need to have with you and much more.

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