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skanderbeg monument to albania


Albania is another country belonging to the Balkans. Ιt’s located near to Greece. It is not a must tourist and popular destination and no special advertisement has been made. In recent years, the coastal part of the country named Agioi Saranta and Tirana, the capital, have developed.

It is one of the countries that do not have many options for the tourist or the traveler since there is no particular tourist development in the country. However, if you go through there, you will definitely find something worthwhile to do. Especially if you are in one of the developed parts of the country.

About activities, there are not as many options as like in other countries. It certainly has incredible nature in the northern part of the country, such as the area of ​​Shkodra with its beautiful lakes. There are several hiking trails you can follow. Even on the beach you can find various water sports to do on an organized beach.

We have personally visited Albania in 2018 during our roadtrip. Specifically, we had stayed in Tirana. There we explored the capital, saw some sights and went out for food and drink. Albania was a passage and a stop for us, during the roadtrip in the Balkans that we had organized with Greece as a starting point. Other areas we saw along the way were Argyrokastro, Tepeleni and Fieri. One downside to the country was the poor condition of most of the country’s road network and heavy congestion.

In our travel guides and articles in this category you will find all the useful information you need before your first visit to the country. Where to go, what to see, what documents you need to have with you and much more.

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