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Αυστρία - Austria - Worth Every Mile


Austria is a country which belongs to Central Europe. It is a top winter destination, especially during Christmas. Awesome decorations, big christmas markets and kind people.

You have countless travel options in Austria. It is a country where you can enjoy both nature and endless walks in the cities. Vienna, the capital of the country with its many palaces and castles, certainly stands out. However, many traditional and picturesque villages of the country are worth the same. Typical examples are Hallstatt and Strasbourg.

The same plethora of options there is also about activities. Hiking in the Alps, as well as winter sports, obviously have their place of honor. Many travelers come from all over the world to test their skiing skills. Austria is also well known for its great cycling routes and is also a tourist attraction.

We personally visited Austria back in 2016. Our stay was in cosmopolitan Vienna. We visited all the top attractions such as the parliament of Vienna, the palaces and the town hall (rauthaus of Vienna) . We still experienced the positive vibes of the festive atmosphere since Christmas was approaching. Unforgettable was the coffee and sweets at the Cafe Central in Vienna. A must visit coffe shop.

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