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stari most old bridge at mostar - Η παλιά γέφυρα στάρι μοστ στο Μόσταρ της Βοσνίας

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina! It is another state that belongs to the Balkans. It’s near Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. It is one of the countries with a low profile. However, you will certainly not regret your visit to Bosnia. We also love our visit there.

It is one of the countries that do not have plethora of options for travelers, but whoever is looking can definitely find something that suits him best. Whether he wants a city or nature.

About activities, the options are a bit limited, however there are hiking trails, bicycle rentals and more available.

We personally visited Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 2018. More specifically, we stayed in the picturesque Mostar. It was a part and a stopover during the roadtrip we had planned to do in the Balkans. A place we stumbled upon and eventually fell in love with. It is a picturesque town with a large street full of shops and traditional souvenirs and local products. The prices are very low and the people are very kind.

In the city of Mostar there are several Turkish influences due to past wars. But the most worth visiting landmark in the city is the picturesque bridge of Stari Most. There, if you are lucky, you can see some professional swimmers jumping off the bridge. From the capital of the Bosnia and Herzegovina, unfortunately, we did not have time to pass, but we would like to have a future trip there, seeing some sights and going out for food and drink.

In our travel guides and articles in this category you will find all the useful information you need before your first visit to the country. Where to go, what to see, what documents you need to have with you and much more.

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