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Croatia - Κροατία - Worth Every Mile


Croatia or the Republic of Croatia belongs to the Balkans of Europe. It is considered by many as one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans and perhaps they’re right.

Travel options in Croatia as you can realize are too many. It is a country where you can enjoy both nature and relaxation on a beach. The popular Dalmatian Coast is an attraction for many tourists from all over the world. With incredible blue and crystal clear waters and long coastline. They certainly do not go unnoticed and no one regrets visiting them.

The same applies to the options in the part of activities. From various water sports, to hiking in nature and tours to the magnificent castles.

We have personally visited Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia on a summer roadtrip we did in Balkans. We crossed the country’s borders by road, without a moment’s regret. We saw the beautiful nature of the country and first visited the awesome Dubrovnik with its imposing walls. We experienced the rhythms of the city and then continued to Split and Diocletian’s palace. There we got lost in the alleys, listening to music and eating local food that we will never forget.

In our travel guides and articles you will find all the useful information you need before your first visit to the country. Where to go, what to see, what documents you need to have with you and much more. As well as our complete guide for the roadtrip in the Balkans that we attempted starting from our country, Greece.

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