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The old street of Skadarlija in Belgrade- Η γειτονιά Skadarlija στο Βελιγράδι


Serbia is part of the Balkans and it’s near with Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia. It is a country that has a long history in the past with many wars. Although it attracts millions of tourists every year, mainly from Europe. Also, It is located close to Greece.

Most people prefer the famous Belgrade for their holidays, but this does not mean that there are not many remarkable destinations across the country. Either cities or picturesque villages. Belgrade has many attractions that characterize the whole country and make it world famous. From the popular Kalemegdan and the famous Knez Mihailova Street in Belgrade, to the beautiful and famous Drvengrad (or Küstendorf) with its picturesque wooden houses.

We visited Serbia during our first roatrip in the Balkans. We stayed in Belgrade, the beautiful capital of the country. We lived the rhythms of the city, tasted local food and met new people. We also passed by the beautiful city of Nis in Serbia as well as other smaller ones during various stops we had. On the way to Belgrade and before entering the country of Serbia, there was a stop in the country of Northern Macedonia. Specifically, we stopped in Skopje, where we quickly feel the vibes of the city, we saw some attractions and rested to continue our journey. In the future we would like to visit Novi Sad, which one unfortunately we did not have time to go. We are waiting for our next adventures.

In our travel guide to Serbia you will find information about all the above mentioned places and even more. Where to go, what to see as well as what are the traditional recipes of the country. Other articles with tips and instructions for Serbia will be added to the same category.

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