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Hiking in the gorge of Nileas

Nileas gorge is one of our favorites, as it was the one we visited together on our first date. But beyond our personal experience, objectively it is a gorge that will certainly not leave you indifferent. The route is easy and is obviously aimed at those who love excursions, without requiring any special physical condition. Below we will list all the basic information of the gorge that you need to know before you visit it for the first time.

Information and location

Initially the gorge’s name was derived from the corresponding river of Nileas that crosses the gorge. It is also known by two other names such as the gorge of Boulovinina, as well as the gorge of “Arapis”. The name Arapis derives from the black colour that most of the riverbeds of the river Nileas have. Respectively, the name Boulovinina comes from a woman who was a heroic figure during the Greek Revolution in Evia.

The gorge of Nileas is located in a wooded area between the villages of Strafi, Amelantes, Agia Anna, Paleovrisi and Kerameia in Evia. It has a length of 10 km and is definitely worth crossing. Especially in the summer months, you have to wade or swim through certain parts.

It is usually crossed from the impressive entrance from the south to the bridge of Amelanta in the north. The entrance of the gorge is impressive, as at this point is very narrow and its height reaches 50 meters. The river Nileas, during its long journey, formed the shape of the hills in a wild, continuous ravine with the height of both sides reaching up to 80 meters.

After hiking both on a forest road and inside the gorge, you will be faced with the imposing rocks and the narrow passages of the gorge. The end comes to a large stone platform, where you can relax and enjoy your dives.

Gorge of  Nileas

Information about gorge descents can be read in our article here.

Historical data

A historic gorge, one of the most beautiful on the island, it has rich flora and wild beauty that you will surely enjoy to the fullest. The gorge of Nileas, together with the corresponding river that crosses it, has been mentioned in Homer’s texts. Also, the cave that exists there is said to have become a refuge for the locals during the Turkish occupation. Specifically, in 1823, and while the inhabitants wanted to avoid the Turks, they went and hid inside this cave. The Turks discovered their hiding place, set fire to the entrance of the cave, and as a resulteveryone died of suffocation, having no other way to escape.

Also, regarding the heroic figure of the woman mentioned above, Boulovinina came out of this cave and at that moment came face to face with the Turks. Having no other choice, she decided to fall into the gorge and commit suicide, rather than be taken prisoner. This is the reason for the name of the gorge.

Finally, other rumors from the past state that the sheep that drank from the water of Kireas (neighboring river with the Nileas), gave birth to white sheep. On the contrary, all the sheep that drank from Nileas gave birth to black sheep.

What to have with me

  • Swimwear, the most necessary as mentioned above when crossing the gorge as you will need to swim in several places.
  • Mountaineering shoes are preferred to keep your feet stable and to avoid any risk of injury. Definitely not open shoes that can leave you exposed to possible bumps on rocks and stones.
  • Spare, dry clothes in the car to change as soon as you leave the gorge.
  • Waterproof backpack with the necessary things you want.
  • Waterproof camera or mobile phone case to capture your every moment inside the gorge.

After the end of the hike, many choose the nearby beach of Agia Anna for relaxation, swimming and food in the neighboring taverns.

A relevant illustration of the above route can be seen here.

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