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φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια και προσφορές από την Kiwi

How to book cheap flights with Kiwi

Kiwi.com is the best way to search, find and book cheap flights. They make discounts, flight deals and low-cost airfares easy to find. This guide explains how Kiwi works, and how they can help you search and book the cheapest flights available.

The best time and day to book flights

It’s easy to find the best time and day to fly using Kiwi.com’s flexible search engine. You can enter the exact dates you’d like to travel, or you can choose a range of dates to find the cheapest option. When you search, you will see the lowest price available on each date, so you can select the one that’s right for you, or filter to find the fastest or best options. You can also filter flights by maximum price, or choose a range of prices.

Find cheap flights without a destination

If you want to find the cheapest flights to anywhere, you can do that on Kiwi.com as well. If you don’t have a particular destination, simply choose your departure location and select ‘Anywhere’ as your destination. This will show you the cheapest routes from your location.

Also, you can use their map search to find a cheap destination. Zoom in or move the map, and destinations and prices will appear. You can see the best deals highlighted in green, so you’ll know you’re getting a great price.

kiwi to anywhere search option
Find cheap international flights

Search for flexible deals on international flights using Multi-city. You can choose multiple cities to visit, select the dates or date range you’d like to travel. You can then filter by cheapest, fastest or best, and buy the whole itinerary for one price, in one click.

NOMAD is a feature of Kiwi.com that helps you find the cheapest Multi-city price if you want to visit a number of cities, but you’re flexible about which order to see them. It’s a travel hack that exists only to find the cheapest price. Select NOMAD from the drop-down search menu, enter your origin city and the destinations you’d like to visit. Choose a time period to stay in each city. Select an end city (or return to your origin city), and click Search journeys. NOMAD then calculates every possible route combination and finds you the cheapest. Like Multi-city, you can book your whole itinerary for one price, in one click. It’s an amazing tool, and one that’s exclusive to Kiwi.com.

Even if the airlines on your itinerary don’t usually have a partnership to work together, you can find combined routes and deals that don’t normally exist to give you the cheapest price available for your entire trip.

Flying on a budget

If you always want to see the cheapest deals you can subscribe to Kiwi.com. They will send you alerts and offers directly to your email so you’ll never miss a low price again.

When you search, you can also set up a Price Alert: this means that Kiwi.com searches low prices for you! Choose the route you’re interested in, and on the results screen you will see a ‘Create price alert’ button. Click this and choose a price range. When the price of your route changes by this amount, we will email you to tell you. You can then book at this cheaper price.

Sometimes, routes open and close depending on the season, the popularity of the route, or other unforeseen conditions. If you search for a route and there are no results, Kiwi.com Availability Alerts can help. Click ‘Notify me’, and when this route opens, they will message you to tell you.

You can find the available sites and apps in order to book everything you need for your trip here.

When you search for a route that combines both short- and long-haul flights, you can work within your budget by combining different cabin classes: economy, premium economy, business class or first class. For example, if you want to fly from New York to Paris in business class, but don’t want to pay for the same on the Paris to Berlin part of your itinerary, you can choose not to. This allows you to have better prices. Mixed cabin classes are more affordable than booking only business or first class trips, and it also gives you more route options.

Another way to save even more money is with their flexible Fare Types. They offer three different Fare Types, so you can choose the best combination of price and flexibility. The Saver ticket is the option to choose if you don’t plan to cancel or change your trip, and gives you the absolute lowest price available. The Standard ticket gives you the option to rebook at a later date, and the Flexi ticket means you have the security to be able to not only rebook, you can also cancel your trip entirely.

Why booking with Kiwi.com?

With over 480 carriers and more than 50 million daily searches, Kiwi.com is fast becoming an essential tool for people who want to save money on travel. As well as finding the cheapest prices, has a number of ways to make sure you get to your destination smoothly.

Also, you can add the Kiwi.com Guarantee to your journey. This means that if there is a problem with your trip like a canceled flight, a missed connection, a carrier change etc contact us, and Kiwi.com will find a new flight, offer you a refund, or find alternative transport to your destination. In the meantime, we may also provide a contribution to refreshments or accommodation, so you can relax while we do the work. The Guarantee is valid across all modes of transport on Kiwi.com, so whether it’s plane, train or bus, you’ll know you’re covered.

The Guarantee is especially recommended for itineraries that include multiple carriers. Ιf there’s a problem, they’ll contact them for you and make alternative arrangements. The 24/7 Kiwi’s customer support is available across 14 languages, so there will always be someone there to help.

You can claim a 5€ discount using the code 5KIWIMILE.

Cheapest way to fly

To save even more money and have more flexible travel options, Kiwi gives you the choice to arrive and depart from different airports. When you search for a flight to or from a city, if that city has more than one airport, Kiwi finds the cheapest route, even if the airport you arrive at is different from the airport you depart from. You can choose to remove this feature when you search, but to search and book the best low-cost route, this finds the cheapest way to fly.

Kiwi.com mobile app

To save money while you’re traveling, download the Kiwi.com app. It’s available on both Android and iOS, and gives you all of search and booking features at your fingertips.

Search, book and save money in seconds. Set up price alerts direct to your device. Receive offers, discounts, deals, and travel hacks the minute they become available. Keep your tickets and boarding passes in one place, and available offline. Contact customer support quickly and easily. The app is the essential tool for everyone traveling on a budget.

Cheap flight hacks from Kiwi.com

Kiwi.com hacks the system, so you fly for less. They will find low prices and create itineraries that the airlines don’t want you to see; these savings are marked with a green star and the words ‘Travel hack’. When you see this, you know you’re getting something extra special!

Throwaway ticketing

Sometimes, a return ticket can be cheaper than a one-way ticket, especially on popular routes. Kiwi offers the chance for its customers to buy the cheaper return ticket for the lower price, and only travel one-way, something airlines will not allow you to do. In conclusion that’s a great way to hack the system!

Hidden cities

Many airlines charge more for popular, direct routes than they do for less popular routes with layovers. At Kiwi.com, you can find the cheapest ticket: an itinerary with your destination as a layover. You simply get off there and skip the final flight of the official airline itinerary. This is known as a Hidden City ticket.

Let’s take a trip to Paris, for example. A ticket from London to Berlin with a layover in Paris could be cheaper than a direct ticket from London to Paris. You buy the London — Paris — Berlin ticket for the lower price, and disembark in Paris, saving money.

This travel hack is fantastic for finding the cheapest deals. But that means you can only take cabin baggage with you, as hold luggage may be transferred between aircraft, following the itinerary you bought. However, if you’re looking for the lowest prices that you can’t get directly from the airlines, this is a great way to travel. Discover Hidden Cities and find out how this hack can save you money.


If you book on an airline’s website and need to extend your route to somewhere the airline doesn’t fly to, they will refer you to one of their preferred partners and this means that your baggage will be transferred from one aircraft to another for you, but because you don’t get the choice, the price may be higher.

Kiwi.com creates cheap itineraries by connecting airlines that might not usually work together. That means lower prices for you, and the only thing you need to do differently is to collect your checked baggage at your transfer point and re-check in for the next leg of your flight. This is called Self-transfer, and is one of the many reasons we can create itineraries and sell routes at prices the airlines don’t want you to see.

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