Application for Egypt e visa - Αίτηση για βίζα εισόδου στην Αίγυπτο

How to apply online for a Visa for Egypt

Εntrance into Egypt

To enter the country you need to have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months as well as a visa for Egypt. Nowadays, this is an easy procedure which can be done electronically without visiting the country’s embassy. Alternatively, you can issue a visa upon arrival at the airport.


The following nations can visit Egypt without a visa for 3 months:

125px-Flag_of_Bahrain.svg_.png (125×75) BahreinHong Kong Kuwait
Saudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesMalaysia    

*Malaysians can only stay for 14 days

Free entry is also available to the following nations under certain conditions:

Afghanistan so long as the members of this nation are above 50 or 16 and under.

Algeria upon the condition that members are 14 years old and under.

China upon the condition that one has a return ticket or another destination following Egypt, and proof of a hotel booking in a 4 or 5 star hotel equivalent  to 2000USD

Libya upon the condition one is female or for members of Butnan on Sundays and Mondays.

  Jordan if one has a passport which is valid for 5 years.

  Morocco upon the condition one is 14 years old or under.

  Sudan upon the condition one is female above 50 years old or 16 and under.

  Tunisia upon the condition one is 14 years old and under.

  Yemen upon the condition one is over 50 or 16 and under or is travelling for health purposes.

Egypt e-Visa

From December 2017 the members of the following nations may apply electronically for a visa:

 All members of
the European Union
 Αlbania Αustralia Canada
ΙcelandJapan North KoreaSouth Korea
Moldavia Monaco Montenegro Northern Macedonia
Russia Serbia Switzerland Ukraine
The United Kingdom The United States
of America
Vatican City     


The procedure is very simple so you don’t have to pay a travelling bureau to do this for you.

Initially you go into the platform here.

You then fill in all the personal information that is asked for. They will also ask where you are staying so it’s a good idea to have booked your accommodation in advance, and you will also send the photo that is requested together with your passport. Pay for the amount online with your credit or debit card and the confirmation will arrive electronically. In the electronic declaration, there are two different options for single or multiple entry visas whereas in the visa upon arrival you can only obtain a single entry visa (one entry), so it’s better to get a multiple visa if you are planning to visit Egypt again within the next 6 months.

e- visa example form


The cost of the electronic visa comes to $25 for a single entry (one entry), whereas for the multiple entries, it comes to $60. There is an added fee to the above prices (application fees), so the price goes up a little. This is for evaluation that your application has been filled in correctly before being submitted to the Egyptian authorities when it will be too late to correct.

Book your activities for Cairo here.


Processing the information will take  5-6 working days until everything has been evaluated and identified as valid and there may also be a few corrections. It is advisable to obtain the visa at least one week before travelling. The single entry is valid for 30 days just like the visa upon arrival, whereas the multiple entry visa is valid for 60 days (in other words you can stay for 30 days at each visit).

Personal fact: Fortunate in my misfortune I had applied for a visa 2 months prior to travelling, and I received an email that my passport information was not discernible so I had to send everything again. The whole procedure took more than 2 weeks, so please take care of official matters like this early on.


Reduced waiting time at the airport

There is the opportunity to obtain a multiple entry visa if needed.

One doesn’t need to have cash in the right currency at the airport.

More expensive to obtain

Visa Upon Arrival

Members of the nations below can obtain a visa upon arrival at any airport in Egypt.

All members of the European
Australia Norway
Canada Georgia Japan
South KoreaNew Zealand Northern Macedonia
Russia Serbia Ukraine
The United Kingdom The Unites States of America 

You can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport where you see the sign `Visa on Arrival΄ and wait in the queue.

You must have a passport valid for at least 6 months with at least two blank pages and pay the equivalent price.


The cost of the visa upon arrival comes to $25 USD. For quite some time the only acceptable currency was USD, but since 2019 they also accept ΕURO € and British pounds GBP. Credit and debit cards are not acceptable so make sure you have cash on you in the above acceptable currencies.


The visa is valid for 30 days


✔ Low cost

✔ Convenient for last minute trips

✔ Convenient for those who don’t manage electronic applications so well.

❌  You need immediate cash in the acceptable currency.

❌  If many people are queuing you lose valuable time.

❌ You can only obtain a single entry visa.

More information on Egypt in our article here.


Finally, if you have arranged a trip to the Sinai Peninsula you do not need to obtain a visa. Upon arrival you will be given a sticker for free if you are travelling to the well known  Sarm el Seik or are continuing on to Dahab, Nuweiba or Tampa and remaining in those places for no more than 14 days. This is very convenient if you are just staying for a few days in each of these destinations at tourist resorts.

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