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Φωτογράφηση και βιντεοσκόπηση

Photography and Videography

We are using our photography and videography skills to bring out the best of your hotel. Our goal is to highlight special and important features of the places we have visited abroad. Some of the is the interior of the hotel units and studios, and the beauty surrounding each rented space.

Photography and Videography

The ultimate goal of photographing and taking videos of the rented rooms and the whole complex, as well as the various facilities offered by a hotel such as  spa, pool, gym, massage shop or private beach, is to have the right material to promote them online. We are referring to the Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,etc), or accommodation registration platforms (Booking, Airbnb,etc). Additional use of material can be made on the website of each business or for any entries on online travel guides and directories.

Of course one can use the same photos as prints in order to promote the business in brochures, catalogues or travel guides and maps.

You can see our job at the slider below:

Videos from our work you can see below:

The role of professional work

The determining role of a photo or really good video in promoting a tourist destination or accommodation is obvious, both from those involved in the tourism industry and from the owners of the rented rooms. The right photos increase the booking rates but also the recognition. Money spent on high value advertising has permanent results in the long run. On the other hand, bad photos, especially photos taken with cell phones by relatives and friends, have the opposite effect.

Therefore, a professional piece of advice that we can give, is that the first thing that the owners of rented rooms should do, is to have the  appropriate photos for the display of their accommodation. They should definitely do this before any other promotional campaign. Without professional photos you will not get the expected outcome. It would be a good idea to take the photos and videos before some big change, renovation or expansion in the respective space. Thus, the interested public will always be informed about the current state of the place they are going to visit.

All the above is done with special photographic equipment. Respectively, it is processed in high resolution through a special, professional image processing program (Lightroom). For the purpose of aerial photography, use a drone with high resolution recording. The corresponding editing and processing is done in each case according to the respective conditions of the space. For more information and future collaboration you can contact us at any time by clicking here.

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