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μεταφορά από τα αεροδρόμια της Νέας Υόρκης στο κέντρο του Μανχάταν

Transportation from the airports of New York to the center of Manahattan

Upon your arrival in New York the last thing you want to do is start spending a lot of money. Although it is an expensive city, there are always ways to save some money. Therefore, it would be best to avoid using taxis, private limos and the minivan. Below we describe the cheapest way to get to the center of Manhattan from each airport of New York without spending a lot.

JFK Airport

JFK is the biggest and most frequented airport in New York. It is located in Queens of Long Island and is 28 km from the center of Manhattan. The cheapest way to get to the city center:

As soon as you are inside the airport start following the signs «AirTrain». Initially you board the train with the direction of «Jamaica Station» at a cost of 5$. As soon as you get off at the above stop you follow the signs for «Long Island Railroad» with final destination «Penn Station» at a price of 7.5$ -10.25$, depending on the time of day. On weekends the price is 4$. The total time of this trip is 40 mins. From that point onwards you are literally in the center of Manhattan and you can take a taxi or the subway to get to your hotel.

The total cost of getting to the center is 11.75$ –  35$ per person, whereas a normal taxi would charge you 52$ plus the mandatory tip.

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LaGuardia Airport

La Guardia is the third most frequented airport world wide. It is notorious amongst Americans for being old and dirty. Its renovation began in  2016 and is expected to finish in 2021. This airport is also located in Queens and is 14 km from the center of Manhattan. It is the closest airport to Manhattan out of the 3. The cheapest way to get to the center from this airport:  

As soon as you arrive at the airport start following the signs<<Public Buses>>. You can issue your ticket from the machines at $2.75 per route. There are instructions on how to issue your ticket on the screen above. Following that you get on the bus M60 with the direction of <<Astoria Boulevard>>. The frequency of the bus timetable depends on the day and time and can be every 8 mins or every 30 mins. The bus ride is around 35 mins depending on the traffic. From «Astoria Boulevard»you take the subway line Ν or W with the direction of «Queensboro Plaza» and from there you take the last train no 7 which takes you to the center of Manhattan. You can get off the stop closest to your hotel and walk or take a taxi.

Total cost of the route is $2.75 per person for the bus ride and an additional $2.75 for the subway ticket, whereas the price for a normal taxi ride from the airport  to the center is$ 40 and may be higher depending on traffic, plus the mandatory trip.

the cheapest way

Newark Airport

It is located between Newark and Elizabeth Cities in New Jersey and is 30 km from the center. The cheapest way to get to the center:

Regardless of which Terminal you’re at as soon as you arrive at the airport start following the signs Level 1 with direction to the Buses in order to buy your ticket. You will get on the «Newark Airport Express».This bus will take you straight to the center of Manhattan and the stops on the way are:

  • Port Authority near Times Square
  • Bryant Park
  • Grand Central Railway Station

From there you can walk to your hotel or hail a cab.

The total cost of this route is 17$. A taxi to the center of Manhattan would cost you 80$ plus the tip, whereas an uber would cost 45$-55$.

These are the cheapest ways to get from the 3 airports to the center of Manhattan. If you are rushed for time to check-in to your hotel or some other pressing reason then you had better take a faster, more comfortable means of transport, paying the higher price. If there is no time pressure, but you are a company of 4 or more people, or have found someone to share the cost of the ride, you could take a shuttle bus or uber with small deviations in the price and far less discomfort.

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